R.I.P. Tim Hauser

Tim Hauser & Me

My friend Stephanie liked The Manhattan Transfer. Because of that, I heard some of their stuff during college. Through a weird set of circumstances, Stephanie and I shared a house together right out of college for about six months. I am certain we listened to a little TMT during that time. But it wasn’t for another dozen years before TMT enterted my life again.

Visiting my folks during the holidays in Florida, they suggested we go to Ruth Eckerd (yes, that Eckerd) Hall and see TMT’s Christmas show. Frankly, I was more interested in seeing the hall I had many boots from (Crosby loved this place).

As things happened, I was blown away by their singing. As a “rock guy”, I was enamored with Janis’s scatting. Perhaps she isn’t the divine Ella, but she shone that evening. I immediately became a fan. Over the next few years I saw TMT a few times. I was a discussion list years ago about them. There were connections in that group. When TMT rolled through Glenside, I was able to get backstage passes to meet the group after the show.

Yeah, that was awkward, but neat nonetheless. The girls weren’t really accessible that evening, but I did chat with Tim Hauser, TMT’s founder, for a bit. He was a really pleasant person. He could not have been more outgoing. He is the glue of TMT.

This morning I awoke to read that Tim passed yesterday of a cardiac arrest. Wow! He was 72, far too young to leave this planet. I’ve been listening to TMT all morning. Good stuff!

Manhattan Transfer @ Keswick

Manhattan Transfer Back Stage Pass


NJMP F1 Karting

Recently, Formula One, one of the big names in auto racing, sued Millville’s beleaguered New Jersey Motorsports Park (NJMP) for unauthorized use of its trade name.

Formula One is known worldwide. NJMP has capitalized on that by running a F1 Karting program. F1 is plastered all over its web site. It even has video of the experience.

The lawyers will get rich off this lawsuit. From my non-lawyerly position here, it sure looks like NJMP is playing fast and loose with trademarks. Given its track history with how it honors its agreement with Millville, I have no problem believing it is in the wrong, but I’ll let the courts handle it.

Interestingly, NJMP has modified things since I first drafted this post. The F1 links have changed to “go-karting” although one of the F1 videos still sits prominently on the page.

NJMP F1 Karting

NJMP F1 Karting

Blog Clean-Up

After much work, the clean-up of the blog is done.

Sitting on my butt for nearly four weeks has provided me to time to pore through the 6,407 posts and 1,323,994 words that this blog has. I hand-corrected each post.

There was still code from a decade ago when I used e107 as my platform. I cleaned up the categories and the tags. Many spelling errors disappeared. Oh, I am certain mistakes can still be found, but I did fix a lot and I am pleased.

I opted to retire my highly-customized theme that I ran for several years. While nothing was broken in it, I wanted a change. With that, most of the photographs are now linked to my Flickr account (112,000+ images) instead of bloating the SQL database.

It’s been fun re-visiting the old posts and seeing the progression of things here, including the name of the blog. It has now been renamed “Story Time”. I’m not in love with it, but I decided to go with it.

As always, if you encounter something that doesn’t seem right, let me know.


Knee Update (End of Week 3)

Almost four weeks ago I had knee surgery to rotate the kneecap on my right knee. The knee had been swollen since the end of May. Well, it’s still swollen, but things are better.

Late last week, I began walking without crutches. That has been liberating. Each day, the walk improves. Once I’m going, I am doing okay. When I first get out of a chair, I am stiff.

Even steps are being handled well. I do use the handrails for support, but I am not stopping on each step (most of the time), but rather am walking down properly, albeit slowly.

I saw my orthopedist on Tuesday. She signed me out of work until the 29th. I was supposed to go back on the 20th. There is another follow-up on the 28th. She’ll make a determination of my readiness for work then after seeing my progress. I understand the thinking, although it goes to show just how little understanding there is for the teaching profession. Less than one day notice that the substitute may be needed another week or two is not professional.

Everyone at work understands the situation and we will wait and see what happens.

Therapy is in full force. I do a lot of stretching. Interestingly, a lot of the exercises are not isolated to the knee. Rather it is focused on the hip. Apparently, the new mode of thinking is that since all the muscels at the knee meet at the hip, it is more productive to build that area and it will materialize in the knee. Okay, I guess.

I am moving around fairly well right now. I still have a limp and I don’t think I am up for a fll day on my feet yet, but I am getting there.


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