Cub Scouts

74 Cub Scouts

Cub Scouts was fun!

I don’t remember when I began, but I enjoyed my scouting experience. These photographs are from the evening that I won a lantern for having sold the most boxes of candy in the pack/troop. I believe it was 170-some.

One box I sold outside the Acme in Cape May was returned. Whoever bought it came back and said there was candy missing from it. I did not return the money. Looking back, it was most likely a scam. Who knows?

That lantern sat in the hallway closet for years. I never used it. I never went camping. (I didn’t until my senior year in high school) That ws one of the things I wished we had done.

Webelos was very good. We had a good den leader. Boy Scouts was another story. I could tell things were not organized nor well-run. That is when I left scouting. Going away for school probably would have interferred at some point too, but it would have been nice to have continued. Those who have earned Eagle Scout have my admiration.

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