Our First Flood

74-12-02 Flood

The first time the Atlantic Ocean entered our home was on this day. The day (perhaps a few days) had been spent moving things from the first floor to the second floor. We were rookies. Lots of things were missed.

At night, it seems like the power was out, we were in the living room. My parents had just added this onto the house two years earlier. We stood there when we felt the rug become damp. I remember Mom crying.

We all went upstairs. It was the first (only?) time I ever saw Dad on the second floor. It was crowded.

The following day presented problems. The toilet didn’t flush. We got word somehow that power lines were down nearby. Because of that, it was recommended that we evacuate. The firemen came with a rowboat, I think one of the lifeguard boats. Dad was carried down the stairs. The rest of us were lifted into the boats. Of course, the firmen waded through our dining room to get outside. Liquor bottles floated everywhere. I said we were rookies. We forgot to empty the bar. When the water rose, the bottles floated. It looked as though we had partied hard!

All the Ethan Allen furniture had water lines on it. Twenty-one inches, I recall was the official measurement.

We stayed at a hotel on Jackson Street (now condominiums) for a week. There was a kitchenette.

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