Molly’s, Boston, MA
29 May 1988

set 1: Baby Baby, Tangled Hangers, Riding With The King, Many Rivers To Cross, Tear Tags Off Mattresses, Rigor Mortis, Try A Little Tenderness, Gregg’s Eggs

set 2: Girls Drums, The Core, Severe Tire Damage, Little Wing, Straight Jackets, Mona, Golden Road

I am wondering about this show. I wonder if Zero may have played another show earlier in ’88 or late ’87 that I saw.

I believe I attended this with Leslie. If so, that could not have been May 1988 as we weren’t seeing each other then. I just can’t remember.

I do know I had the pleasure of seeing John Cipollina. He was not healthy. He leaned or sat throughout the show. I believe he also came on late, but I could be mistaken about that. Molly’s was a great little dive that I enjoyed going to.

The band ripped and I loved each note. If it was Les I was with, she was not as impressed. If it wasn’t her, then whoever I was with was equally unimpressed.

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