First of Spring

morning rays shining on the dew-damped blades of grass

the air is so clean
This is the first of Spring
Oh, there had been other okay days
but this was the first true day of this Spring
yes, it was a day for the pond

Jacqueline came to see Henry
"What a beautiful morning, don't you think, Henry?"
"Yes, it is. Yes, indeedy."
other such pleasantries were exchanged on this, the first day of Spring

At the same time—
Mr. Hopfar went to see Miss Dewdrop
"Good morning, Joan. Isn't this a gorgeous morning?"
"My yes it is, Bill. A perfect morning—a most perfect morning."
"A picnic down at the pond would be nice. Do you care to join me, Joan?"

So, as Jacqueline and Henry the crickets and Miss Dewdrop and Mr. Hopfar the grasshoppers proceeded to the pond, the entire community was waking to this most delightful morning.

Snuggles, the cat and Barney, the dog frolicked in the early morning sunlight.

Jill and Ashley, Miss Blue-jay and Mr. Cardinal, chased one another about the apple trees.
All were happy this morning. Mr. and Mrs. Mole also joined in the fun.

This was the first of Spring—and how beautiful it was!

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