One thing that seems popular today:
re-grouping/touring/recording of sixties or early seventies rock groups
The Who, Stones, re-issuing Lennon tunes/film, Monkees, Turtles, Lovin’ Spoonful, Pink FLoyd, the sudden popularity of the Dead

Selling out of musicians to corporate America
Steve Winwood, Michael Jackson, Eric Clapton, etc.

This seemingly was spurred by the movie The Big Chill in the early 1980s.  The popularity of the movie was brought about by the nerve it struck with the Baby Boomers.  It was about and for them.  In it there was great use of the Sixties music.  The movie was a hit—corporate America wanted to cash in—so the Sixties are “in”.  1960s music dominates advertisements, rock “legends” are resurrected, living off of the old glory, caching in on nostalgia.

I was caught up in this—as much as I like to think I was raised on this music—I wasn’t.  To an extent I was, but the Stones I know and remember is Emotional Rescue (when Dwight came over), I never heard of the Young Rascals, Traffic, Jefferson Airplane, etc.  To be true, I was quite into Neil Young, but Southern Man wasn’t my era, Hey Hey, My My was.

The Lost 45s caters to my bubble-gum music—Kung Fu Fighting, Jazzman, Billy Don’t Be a Hero. etc.

I was captured by corporate America—sucked into thinking this was my music—I really like the tunes (I’m not denying that), but I’m liking them re-hashed, re-spun, regurgitated.

I need to get more in-tuned to 1989—to today.  This needs to be done musically as well as politically, economically, etc.

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