Activist Briefing

This is the first of what I hope are many “briefings” on the activist world of Robert Owens. I’ve contacted Greenpeace! I have an interview with Lyn on Tuesday. I believe I may benefit greatly if I were to take some time here and lay out why I am moving in this direction, what I hope to give, and finally what I hope to get out of this change.

Firstly, come Saturday, I will have been unemployed for three months! I’ve tried—seriously! I may have been a little more persistent with one or two people, but I’ve been interviewing, phoning, and questioning until I’ve frustrated myself. I have been facing some of restaurants’ assholes and sucking up—telling them what they want to hear. Hardly a crime—but something that when I think about it—I wish I hadn’t done.

I’ve done a lot of reading, thinking, and arging over the environment and my views on it. I believe I have a great theory—but a little (or a lot) direction would not hurt me. It’s time for me to DO SOMETHING! It’s not a thing that can just be talked about (although that is important), but rather something that needs to be acted on. I can make a difference!

With that I will have my peace of mind. I can’t continue being a hypocrite.

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