Pondering Faith

The rub, dear Hamlet, is whether it is noblier to fight to understand our mortal world and float in the arrogance of an examined life or to just pass through to the nothing that awaits.  Even that gives the appearance of an afterlife.  It is pointless to debate what can’t be known, yet we/I place such emphasis upon the road which is taken.  Is it better to examine?  Is it better to search and find nothing?  Is it better to search and take a leap of faith?  Is it better to search and believe, yet not know? 

The rub. my friend, is that it all leads to death.  Death: that thing which we fear, yet is the definition of life itself.  We can’t understand death.  It is beyond comprehension; it follows, life cannot be comprehended. 

Vladimir has the path.  A fool.  An idiot.  We the people.

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