Solar Circus on NYE

Solar Circus
Rockadero, Wildwood, NJ
31 December 1992

set one: Midnight Hour –> All Here Together, Tabla Rasa, The Race Is On, Candyman, Hidden Colors, Let It Go

set two: Spin Song, Better Things, One More Time, Cortez the Killer, Three Bells, Touch the Ground, Mountain Marlane, Just My Imagination, Obsession –> Just A Mystery –> Obsession, Lovelight

Elvis has left the building!

Mayhem.  Absolutely.  The place was rocking big time.  Unlike the summer, the Rockadero was packed.  I was patched into the board and was in the sound booth.  But there was so much commotion with all the partying that Dan actually cleared the booth to get control.  I guess I was too heavy on the dry ice. 🙂

I had driven Paul and Jen.  Of course when the festivities ended at 5:00 AM, my mother‘s car (I forget why I hadn’t taken mine) would not start.  We ended up taking a cab.  I did not like leaving the vehicle there, but Dad and I retrieved it with Jimmy the following day and brrrr was it cold.

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