State of Bob

Absolutely stuffed
A big meal
But also quite out of shape

Always searching for that which I do not know
It’s easy to be unhappy
Yet, to be happy doesn’t allow for introspection
I seek that now.

My known desires are basically the same.
Almost 10 years written and more if I think
I am who I was and not whom I want to be.

Writing is healthy
And health (good at least) is needed
I’m moving away from many things
Yet haven’t shaken some.

I’m alone
And mostly happy about it
I’ve dealt well with the break-up
And I have much in front of me to look forward to
That, in itself is the best thing I’ve had in some time
A future!

I can’t think of when I last (if ever)
Had such emotion for it

I still need to addres some of those nagging things . . .

I can’t afford to permit myself to party
It’s death for me, I know

I was almost in tears after the bar-b-q

Action speaks much more positively than lists
I could look back at my goals, my needs, desires, etc.
What was there?

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