You Have Taught Me Well

You opened your doors
And let me in
I was young
And you taught me well

They now want to celebrate your graciousness
You are not about celebration
You are too grand for that
You have taught me well

I live with your teachings daily
That I am alive is my salute to you
We are aware of that
And this gathering is but idleness

It's a shame you cannot speak out
Harmless, yet ultimately useless
Some shall speak of the absence
But it is to you that I listen

I am here for you if you need me
You will speak, as you have, when it's time

My profession is your praise
There is nothing else
I love you

Without you, I cease to be
Without us, you
Harmony is beautiful

A step back slows the tune

I sing proudly your hymn
It's the only song I know
It continues and changes
Yet never ends

You have taught me well.

This was published in the alumni magazine at some point.

Also blogged on this date . . .

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