Correct Career Decision

Thank You Note from Michael Fichera

If there was a doubt about this major life decision to become a teacher, those fewars were allayed my first year.

What prompts a child to write such a note? No clue.

This was just weeks after my first go-around as a teacher at Christmas time. The gifts the children brought in to me shocked me. I truly hadn’t expected anything. It wasn’t even like, “Oh, I don’t expect anything.” It was not even on the radar. It didn’t dawn on me that children would give a teacher gifts. Lord knows, the way I was reared did not include giving gifts to the teacher. The thinking was that the teacher is paid to do the job; there’s no reason to provide a gift. My world was rocked. Even the little porcelain figurines and the half-used bottle of Hi Karate touched me.

This note made an impression. I’ve kept it more than a quarter century.

Maybe choosing kind is indeed the correct path. 😉

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