Queen Goddess ‘Nado the Great

Today ‘Nado joined the family.

It is spring break and I was tutoring a student.  He has cystic fibrosis and has been out of school for the past month.  While I was at his house working in the dining room, the television was on in the living room.  We heard the report on CNN that a bomb exploded outside the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City, OK.  Wow!

We stopped our lesson and watched the report for a bit.  Unbelievable!

From there I drove to Mary’s house outside Glassboro.  Her cat had a litter of three kittens and I had first pick.  There were two black kittens and a gray one.  I was going to select the gray one (being different et al.), but when I reached in, one of the black ones batted me.  She was cute.  Mary said they had named her Diablo because she was such a devil.  That sold me.  I like ornery cats.

The little thing would not come out of the car once we arrived home.  She hid beneath the passenger’s seat.  I eventually coaxed her out.  Once in the apartment, she hid behind the filing cabinet and computer wires for a long time.

I lay down on the sofa for a little nap.  She came out then.  I picked her up and placed her on my chest.  She slept me the rest of the day.  I like her.  She is ornery.  Diablo is not the right name for her.  She is definitely royalty.  Hence forth she shall be known as Queen Goddess ‘Nado the Great.

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