Lilian & Bentley’s Wedding

95-05-27 Lilian & Bentley's Wedding

Nearing the end of my first year of teaching and the last of my three friends was married. Fabulous time in North Carolina.

Pretty certain this was the trip I drove down to Richmond to Oli’s and then we drove to Carolina in his new Saturn. Being the gentleman, I sat in the back to permit Lara to sit up front. Well, the Saturn was the first car I ever drove in with the freon-free air conditioning. The technology was not perfected at that time. I sweated the whole way down to the wedding.

The morning of the wedding there was a breakfast at the guest house. Wow! I remember the omlettes to order. This was a party unto itself. I don’t recall the wedding, but the reception was a blast. A lot of SAS folks.

The following day in the hotel it seemed like everyone was dragging over breakfast. I remember reading the newspaper. There was a whole page in the paper about Lilian’s dress. The lace was from here, the veil from there, etc. Impressive! Of course, I felt on the outs as B’s groomsmen were all PhD.s it seemed save little ol’ me. 🙂

Good times!

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