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Out of the blue, I received a letter from the Franklin Institute Science Museum in Philadelphia. I opened the letter and was floored with the contents. The outline of an innovative fellowship was described and I was asked to participate!

The fellowship, Wired@School, sought to assemble classroom teachers who were using technology in their classrooms and provide them tools to create projects that could be used in a variety of classrooms.

It sounded so exciting!

Nine of us were selected. Eight were from the US and one from Canada. I recognized a few of the teachers as some of us were part of a few discussion boards and projects already.

The Franklin Institute had taken note of our classroom web site earlier in their Caught In the Web recognition. Interestingly, the first sentence of that review is inaccurate as we went online in the spring of 1995. 14-A was an innovative site. Rather than just post student work, we provided interaction, which was something not being done at that time. Our traffic was heavy. In addition to TFI, USA Today wrote about us as did several magazines and a few Internet books. We were seeing 100,000 unique visitors per month. It was all very exciting. The students were online celebrities in many ways.

I felt honored to be asked to participate in this fellowship. The summer was spent signing contracts and meeting the other fellows online and then eventually in person in Philadelphia.

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