Delaware Estuary

My first project for the fellowship with the Franklin Institute Science Museum was published today. It was an exciting time.

Our projects during the 1998-99 academic year were to complement the Living Things exhibit that the museum was working on at that time. I decided to chronicle our study of the Delaware Estuary, which culminates with a sail aboard (New Jersey’s official tall ship) the restored oyster schooner, the A.J. Meerwald. For that sail, the Franklin Institute sent one of their web designers to join us. He digitally recorded the sail for a few pieces I ended up using for the site that I created. That was very neat. Digital cameras certainly were around, but digital video was just coming to the consumer. This was my first project using it.

I was pleased with how my site came out. There was some content (the folks with the schooner were very accommodating in that regard). This site was used by many classrooms in my district prior to their study of the estuary. Each fourth grade classroom here studied this material. In addition, all sorts of classrooms in the Delaware Valley used this site as I heard from many over the years.

Since this was published, the Meerwald has come online. The fellowship is long gone and we have no ability to edit our work any longer so this sits there out-of-date.

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