What Are the 10 Albums You Have Listened to Most During Your Lifetime?

There is a current thread on rec.music.gdead which asks what are the 10 albums you have listened to the most during your lifetime.

Now, there is no way to know for certain. I imagine this list might change as I recall some long-forgotten gems. It is unlikely, however, that numbers one or six will ever be replaced as they were the first two albums I bought as a youngster and I listened to them continuously.

Perhaps there is no other value to this than mere curiosity. But, that is good enough for me.

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2 thoughts on “What Are the 10 Albums You Have Listened to Most During Your Lifetime?”

  1. I was reminded today that there is another album which probably needs to be on this list. What comes off? I am not certain. But Neil Young’s On the Beach is an album I wore out a few times in my youth. Then I didn’t listen to it for a long time. I came back to the album several years ago and it is one of the few studio albums I actually listen to on a regular (in an irregular way) basis these days.

    I hear some people
    been talkin’ me down,
    Bring up my name,
    pass it ’round.
    They don’t mention
    happy times
    They do their thing,
    I’ll do mine.

  2. Your list seems very classic rock to me. Very critics choice. Thanks for playing, even if this list was created some years ago now. Next time I hope you link back to TITMT, too!

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