Live Music Is Better

I traded cassettes from 1981 to 1993. I stopped trading as I changed gears in my career and saw a change forthcoming in the medium of music. Being eager for some good live music, I came back to trading recently.

Although the cassettes are gone, I have begun to acquire CD-Rs of live music.

I am a responsible trader who enjoys quick turn-arounds. The reason for making the trade is to get some new music. No one likes waiting, wondering, etc. about what is going down. I understand sh*t happens. I will keep you informed about my end of things. I would appreciate it if you would do the same.

Familiarize yourself with the things that will make it move more smoothly
  • I only trade CD-R.
  • DAO only. If you can’t copy with disc-at-once, then I am not interested.
  • Send without cases
  • Please, no CD-Rs made from mp3. To each his own, but I prefer no compression having taken place in the digital signal. Which brings up . . . I much prefer shows that will get to me that are solely digital. That generally means recent shows. Yeah, I have some older stuff, but my preference is for the newer.
  • I have been recording with Sony and Verbatim CD-Rs lately. Please, no cheapos.
  • Please do not send CDs in fiber-packed mailers.
  • Do not use staples for any part of the package. Thank you.
  • I will include mic info if I have it, I ask for the same in return.
  • Do not write on my CDs, I won’t write on yours.
  • Please check to make sure all tracks copy before mailing.
  • I expect complete shows. Sets that are missing a song or have music out-of-order are not interesting to me. I check set lists versus the databases. I understand some boots do not provide complete shows.
  • No 2-for-1, if I have time I’ll do b+p. E-mail and ask.
  • If I’m doing a b+p please include stamps and a return mailing label–that will save me time. Please, no cash.

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One thought on “Live Music Is Better”

  1. I found this among my archives. This was the introductory page to my trade list. Times have changed.

    I no longer trade and don’t have the majority of my list.

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