How did You Get Involved in Geocaching?

02-06-10 How Did You Get Into Geocaching?

I had a fellowship with the Franklin Institute in Philadelphia that began in 1998. One of the other fellows, Webfoot, was from California. We struck up a friendship during our work together.

One morning at breakfast, I noticed Webfoot spending an inordinate amount of time organizing his bills. I inquired and he shared with me his involvement with Where’s George. I was fascinated about it, but forgot about it soon after. Several months later we were together again and I saw the bills again. Soon after I began tracking my own bills.

A couple years later, Webfoot and I had gone our own ways, but still kept in contact via e-mail. He sent me a link to a magazine article in which he was quoted. It was about geocaching. The article had a link to and I immediately checked it out. After poring over all the What unit should I buy? threads, I purchased a unit two days later.

So, thanks to Webfoot, I have been turned on to two interesting activities.

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