Founder’s Avenue

39.4859 -75.020383

This geocache is now archived.

This cache is nestled in the downtown area of New Jersey’s largest city.

The cache is an Altoids container with its lid painted green. The cache contains a homemade log, two golf pencils, and two Where’s George bills.

Please bring small flat items to trade.

There will be a small (real small) fee incurred going for this cache. You’ll understand when you are there.

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One thought on “Founder’s Avenue”

  1. This was the first cache I hid. I borrowed the idea for the cache (Altoids tin in a newspaper bin) from the Microcache cache I found in Rittenhouse Square. This early in my caching career, I thought this was a clever hide.

    Truth be told, at the time it was. The thing is that over time it was done over and over and over again that this cache ran its course.

    After two years, one could not claim this was a high quality cache. I archived it.

    This cache was indeed lame.  What was once thought to be good and clever really failed on many levels.  The location is nothing to bring one to.  There is no room for swag.  It is the style of hide that if repeated often enough (as it has been) misses out on the only characteristic that was good: the cleverness of the hide.  And while that can be a good thing, it is not enough for a cache if the other characteristics are lacking.  With this cache (and every other one I have ever found like it, including the Rittenhouse Square cache), the other characteristics of the hide were not enough to compel the hide.

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