Head of the River

02-06-27 GC5B2B

39.3112 -74.820617

Wow! I drive by here all the time. I actually know the folks who live right at the bend. I never knew anything about the cemetery until today.

Real easy to find. The cache was out in the open. I covered it up a bit so it was not viewable from a distance.

Took a Where’s George, left a hitchhiker, Read All About It.

Thanks for introducing me to something I should have known about a long time ago.


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One thought on “Head of the River”

  1. I have always had an affinity for this cache. I do not know why. It is a crappy cache and it is on church property, which I suspect never had permission. TRW bailed on this and all his other caches when he moved out of the area in 2003. Someone tried like the dickens to get this adopted, but it hasn’t happened.

    Nevertheless, I like it. I stop by often as I head to and fro.

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