Chirp, Chirp

02-07-03 GC483C

39.506583 -75.14975

Nice hiding on this one. Got there directly and only looked for a moment b4 I spotted it.

Took and left noting. I was impressed with the log book. 🙂


Also blogged on this date . . .

One thought on “Chirp, Chirp”

  1. This find cleared the DNF I had on this.

    I recall when I arrived home from the DNF I was bothered I hadn’t found the cache. Each time I DNF I used to be bothered by it. I looked at the cache page. Then it hit me: chirp chirp. Like a bird.

    A weakness of my geocaching game is looking up. It took me a long time to add that dimension to my hunt.

    I always appreciated Tom‘s hides. He made the game fun.

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