Nestled Along Bayshore

38.949367 -74.945267

This geocache is now archived.

A neat area amidst shore towns. Although close to tourist areas, most visitors would not be familiar with this area.

The cache is a blue-lid Gladware container hidden beyond a local farm.

The last little bit is off the trail. There one will encounter some prickly bushes. I suggest long pants.

You might be able to drive along the trail, but I am not certain about it. I would park out near the road. There is a message board near the trail head. There are several butterflies that are awaiting their release. If you take one, please e-mail me which one you take.

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One thought on “Nestled Along Bayshore”

  1. This one was ill-advised. This is land I used to play on as a boy. It is part of Rea’s farm. I guess later, they provided access to the NJ Audubon Society. Those folks are particular about their land.

    I guess technically it is all private and I should have thought of that ahead of time. Placing cachers in this situation is not fair.

    Eventually, after the cache was archived, the Audubon Society erected a fence to keep folks out without a pass.

    The container was a Rubbermaid flat. Between this one and the other at the bird observatory, I was doing a lot of maintenance. Gert was happy as I would prime her with dinner/night in Cape May in order to come down and take care of these.

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