Piping Plover

38.934267 -74.944217

This geocache is now archived.

Along the coast is a beautiful nesting area for herons, egrets, piping plovers, and other shore birds.

The cache is a blue-lid Gladware container hidden in the middle of a nesting area for shore birds.

There are many approaches. One could do a cache-and-dash from a parking lot. I recommend coming from the Cape May Point Lighthouse Trek cache or stroll up from Cape May. Either route will not disappoint.

There are several butterflies that are awaiting their release. If you take one, please e-mail me which one you take.

This is a protected area, so please do not rummage off the trail.

The piping plover migrates from northern South America to Canada. They fly non-stop from South America (unless they stray to Bermuda) to feed in this area. They will more than triple their weight b4 they move on. They feed on horseshoe crab eggs.

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One thought on “Piping Plover”

  1. Some areas are just not designed for a cache. This is one such place.

    I grew up here. I love the area. Tom had a nice cache at CMP. I thought this would be a similar experience.

    But with this being such a pristine area, one can’t go off trail. And there is too much traffic for on trail. I found an ideal spot under the bridge, but the Gladware (yuck!) wouldn’t hold up.

    That is not what did this in, however.

    I was down here I think performing maintenance on Nestled Along Bayshore and stopped over. It was the day I did Electric Bugaloo.

    There was a bunch of teenagers. I think they were scouts or something. Anyhow, they had the cache and were logging it. I introduced myself, dropped off some of the butterflies I used to use back then and left. It occurred to me they were nowhere near the cache location after I left.

    I am not certain the cache never got back to where it needed to be.

    Lynn came along and found it somewhere else. Wherever she hid it was not the correct place. I never found it and I wonder if it was actually there to be found.

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