Three White-Tail Deer

39.3575 -74.784083

This geocache is now archived.

This cache is placed in the Gibson Creek WMA.

The path is slightly overgrown right now. As I was walking along, three of the most beautiful white-tail deer began to dance off. I wish I had my camera ready to shoot.

Please re-cover after you find.

Nobhg bar uhaqerq svsgl srrg bss gur cngu ng gur onfr bs n srj bnxf.

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One thought on “Three White-Tail Deer”

  1. Sigh . . . this one was so unsatisfying.

    As Gert and I used to drive around South Jersey, I was always on the prowl for new pockets of trees thinking of places to hide a cache. Looking back that is not a good idea, methinks.

    I found Gibson WMA (or at least this entrance) one day while I was out alone. I drove over the mound, by the overpass, and to the end. I got out and walked about a half mile. On the way I saw three beautiful white-tail deer bound off. They were gorgeous. This has always been a big highlight for me with caching: seeing all the wildlife.

    Anyhow, there wasn’t anything particular to see here. I went off trail and picked a spot to leave my Gladware container (yuck!). I jotted down notes in my notebook for the cache.

    But when I wrote the cache page, specifically the hint, I mistakenly wrote pines instead of oaks. Well, that caused some comments. 🙁 I really did know the difference, although I am not particularly well-versed in these matters. 🙂

    Sigh . . . I was so embarrassed. I corrected the page once it was brought to my attention, but I was always mindful of the mistake.

    Ken says I still owe him a deer as he only saw two while he was here. 🙂

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