Weird NJ: Off My Rocker

02-10-14 GC9BBD

39.024233  -74.89635

Easy to locate and bring your appetite!

This one was documented in Weird NJ a few years back.

My family and I used to go here a bunch. I went to school with the family who owns this.

To log your find, one of the following must be satisfied:

1) E-mail me a photograph of you, your GPSr, and this together
2) E-mail me a description of what you find here and a description of the road sign posted at:
N 39° 01.594
W 74° 53.781 (WGS84)

3) Leave a comment here with a photograph of you at the spot.

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One thought on “Weird NJ: Off My Rocker”

  1. This is a place our family used to frequent. It is particularly South Jersey.

    I archived it early at along with my other virt there. This was a lesson in learning how to write expectations on cache pages. As these were my first, I had issues with folks not knowing how to log virtuals. Rather than deal with it, I archived them, while leaving them active at Navicache.

    The virts were occupying a lot of time in the short period of time they were active. It was obvious that that would continue. Unlike KBI, I didn’t want seekers to have to jump through the hoops that were proving difficult to do. I think caching was improved by removing the listing.

    At this point, I think it would be an entertaining virt to log. So, feel free to do so. 🙂

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