Deer Print

02-10-26 GCA074

39.3407 -75.053533

This geocache is now archived.

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2 thoughts on “Deer Print”

  1. This cache was hidden in Bevan WMA. I had found this place while I was still living in the apartment. There had recently been a forest fire here and I loved the charred trees one had to walk through.

    I sought to make this a 3-star terrain so I made certain it was more than a half mile hike. There was a water crossing. I just thought it was really nice. It was also the first time I listed a cache without a description.

    Notice my surprise when people stated they parked 150′ away and disliked all the garbage.


    It took me a little bit to get there to get this, but sure enough, there was a back way into this area and it was a dump. Yuck! I was horrified.

    I archived the cache and vowed to come up with something better. That would take some time, but eventually I placed a multi here that got folks hiking the area I desired.

    I seeded this with the Robert E Lee Unicorn Travel Bug. The first cacher picked it up and then didn’t do anything with it. I pleaded, I asked, I requested. Nothing. I was mortified that a Travel Bug that I had picked up and placed went MIA.

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