Eazy Multi-cache

02-11-02 GC41A1

39.71365 -75.7172

Well . . .

I thought I would zip in, hit these four caches and be on my way. It didn’t happen that way at all.

This area was screwy with coordinates. When I first pulled into the parking lot (which was an adventure finding) my GPSr was showing I was still 3/4 of a mile away from the lot.

Then I didn’t read the directions well. Lenape Cut-Off is different from Lenape Trail. I do not know how much that added, but I walked forever. I finally cut across on another trail.

Throughout the entire time I was here, coordinates were bouncing every which way. On my way I rolled my left ankle. It still hurts.

I finally found stage one of the multi. By this time I was quite confused as to where I was. This would prove detrimental later on.

I headed out for stage two. More coordinate jumping. Finally zeroed in on it. Headed off for more, then realized State Quarters was closer. I found that rather easily, but had a bit of a tussle getting the cache. Logged my find, then headed out again for the multi.

Along the way I ran into Jill. Actually, she spotted me . . . I was trying to move away so as not to draw attention. We chatted a bit. Grizzly is cute.

Moved on to the final stage. I guess I was impatient as I bushwhacked my way across. I was held in a thicket for a bit. It took off my cap and I had to move branch by branch to free myself. I criss-crossed the creek a few times. Coordinates were jumping. I finally found the thing.


Thanks for the challenge.

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