Weird NJ: And Justice for . . .

02-11-23 N003FB

39.4413 -74.80295

This geocache is now archived.

I believe this was featured in Weird NJ once, although I cannot find the issue. If it has not, it definitely should.

You’ll have to park alongside the road, but there is a spot to do so.

The Press of Atlantic City has written about this and the guy has a web site.

To log this as a find, please complete one of the following:
1. E-mail me a photograph of you, your GPSr, and “it”
2. E-mail a description of what you find along with the names that are listed.

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One thought on “Weird NJ: And Justice for . . .”

  1. This was the billboard near the South River that the father had erected in honor of his son Ron, who was killed in a car accident. The board was an open letter to NJ politicians calling them out for disregarding his call for stiffer DWI laws.

    He had a web site, that is now defunct.

    The billboard that had been up for years was taken down in 2005, I think.

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