Menatico Ponds

39.37635 -74.994367

This geocache is now archived.

This is a three-stage multi-cache. You are looking for a pill bottle for part one. Inside it are the coordinates for part two and the vessel the coords are in.

This is a fun place, but no unregistered vehicles (ATVs, etc.). You’ll probably use your vehicle in-between stages.

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2 thoughts on “Menantico”

  1. I was pleased that I had found a “new” area to place a cache. And in many ways it was new. Yet, this is where South Jersey “easyfind #2” was hidden. We had approached that cache from the railroad tracks, as did most folks. When I placed this cache, I realized how that one should have been approached.

    The task here was to create a challenge. This was a three-part multi. The first stage required a water crossing. What was a little over my ankles apparently can be thigh-high as others found. There was a large turtle that swam by when I was first out there.

    The second stage pretty much required a trudge through fairly deep sand. One could drive there with a supped up truck, but as far as I know, no one ever drive it.

    The final was at the old railroad depot, which tipped me off that it was near the other cache. Turns out it was within 528′, but at that time, there was no real push to keep it from that.

    The first two stages were film canisters and the final an Altoids tin. Yuck!

    This multi could be duplicated today and still be a good cache just using different containers. I would also move the final away from the railroad area to a deeper spot in the woods on the other side from stage one.

  2. When I first listed this cache, I listed it as “Menatico” because the sign erected stated that’s what it was. Oh, how I have learned since the early days of caching. 🙂

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