Bushwackin’ at Buckshutem

39.396233 -75.149933

This geocache is now archived.

This was a baby food jar. Mind you, that is not what the cache was to be.

This was the first physical stage of CCT, placed in February 2003. I put a baby food jar at the base of a tree to hold its place. At the time, I sucked at taking coordinates and wanted to verify the coordinates before it was listed.

The original CCT was to begin with a virtual tour of Cumberland County, which would render a set of coordinates. Those coordinates led to this location. An ammo box was planned to hold the pages that a seeker would need to complete the involved multi that was planned.

CCT has been worked on on and off since. I have finally come to peace to put it to bed for good. In summer 2004, I decided to offload a lot of the stages I had in place for this. Rob picked up much of what I offered, although I didn’t offer everything.

He listed this. I was surprised when I saw he left the baby food jar. Ha! This one did not last long.

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