Dawg Gone It!

03-04-12 GCE7F1

40.110817 -76.479383

I didn’t see this one was in the area until last evening. I am surprised it lasted a week in Hermann City. Anyhow, I drove there and negotiated the water leading in. I found Ken Dawg (the cache) where I had been not too long ago. I took the traveling cache and logged my visit in the Hermann City log. Off I went to find another cache. On my way home, I stopped by the Head of the River cache and dropped Dawg Gone It! off there. For the record, if there was a cache container, log, and pencil for this cache, I either missed it at Hermann City or it was not there. What I placed at Head of the River was just the animal who had a tag affixed to him.

Happy trails, Dawg!

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