Belleplain: EC

39.240767 -74.867517

This geocache is now archived.

An easy trek along East Creek trail in Belleplain State Forest.

This cache is hidden along East Creek trail a half-mile+ from the meeting place for the 3 May Get-Together. This should pose no trouble whatsoever to locate. I saw two beautiful white-tail deer as I was hiking along the trail to place this.

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One thought on “Belleplain: EC”

  1. I liked the hide on this one. It was similar to Ski’s Rewards without the fanfare his received.

    Rather than place the Rubbermaid container (recycled from Nestled Along Bayshore, I believe) next to a tree under a pile of sticks, I placed this out in the open and put some pine needles over it.

    It was just a simple approach that drove cachers batty at the event. It was there, but it was hard to locate.

    Yet, it went MIA. I scoured the area a couple times. The last time I spent a long time there making certain it was not there. It wasn’t.

    When I picked this up, I ended my hides at Belleplain, vowing never to hide here again. I still love the East Creek trail, however.

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