East Creek

03-04-22 GCFFE5

39.247433 -74.865733

This geocache is now archived.

This multi will allow you to see the beautiful East Creek trail in Belleplain State Forest.

This is a six-stage multi-cache. The first five stages consist of something (all the same) that contain the coordinates to the next stage. The coordinates are listed on the inside of the something. Once you find the first one, the others should be easy. It will, however, take a keen eye to spot this. Do not look for traditional containers as these are not them.

The final stage is a pill bottle with only a logbook. Please bring a writing instrument as you will see there is no room for one. This bottle will take a little ingenuity to find. Please replace with the mechanism so it will remain in place for the next cacher.

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One thought on “East Creek”

  1. What a disaster of a cache! No one ever found it.

    This cache employed small pieces of PVC pipe painted green and each of the five pipes were hung on branches around the East Coast trail. The final stage was a pill bottle (yuck!) placed in a hollowed out branch laying on the ground.

    I liked (at the time) the idea of this cache. The execution was poor. I did not take good coordinates. Belleplain and I still struggle with this, so it may not have actually made a difference. Nevertheless, I was most embarrassed when folks pulled DNFs on this. 🙁

    I made several attempts at rehabilitating this, but each time out I was getting radically different coordinates. It was with sadness that I archived this one. Many lessons were learnt in this endeavor.

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