Cache of Willow Oak

39.483667 -74.950233

So, I was looking for something online and stumbled into my nearest caches. I don’t know why, that is not where I needed to be. Nevertheless, on the first page there is a cache! Willow Oak? Dang! Part of my planned tour of Cumberland County was going to go there. Oh well . . .

I work about five minutes from there so I thought I’d hit it at lunchtime. I drove over and was surprised to see two vehicles in the lot. I have never seen anyone there before. I entered the woods with my work clothes (granted, I dressed casually today). After about 20 feet, I was covered in pollen. Yuck! As I zeroed in on the first stage, I noticed something on the ground. Lo and behold, I found a Garmin 12 that was powered on. I found the first stage and went back out to my car to get my boots.

I headed down the trail past where I should turn. I came back and noticed someone exiting the woods with a dog. It was Emadawg! We chatted and I returned her GPSr. 😉 After we parted ways, I went in found the cache, logged my find, and hurried back to the car. As I approached the lot, I heard someone calling for her child. Right through the mud puddle he went. It was theGuentherGang. We said hi, but I had to scoot back. Forty minutes moves quickly.


Thanks for the fun during the work day.

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