03-05-20 GCG4YT

39.504383 -75.144667

This geocache is now archived.

A nice trek in Parvin. There are many approaches to the area.

Use bug spray. Then use some more.

The trek is a pleasant one on an easy trail. There’s a little bushwhacking at the end. This is where the fun begins. 😉

This is a log only cache.

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2 thoughts on “Mosquitoland”

  1. This stumped some folks. That was its purpose. Looking back it seems silly.

    I crafted a rock out of modeling clay. We fired it. This thing had a cavity underneath to hide a film canister. Yuck!

    It blended into the area pretty well.

    I thought I had saved this rock, but I do not believe it is here. I probably tossed it during a cleaning run.

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