Braves v. Phillies Ticket

39.905583 -75.171033

This cache has been on my radar since it was placed last August. Through an odd set of circumstances, we have not been to a Phils game during that time. We usually see a ton of games, but we haven’t yet this year. Anyhow, it was time to go. I saw last night that Millwood was pitching against the Braves tonight (first time since the trade).

It was a beautiful evening for Gert and me. We drove up, bought tickets (section 244), and went in. Gert needed to finish some paperwork, so I ran up to get this. It wasn’t hard to find, but a little tricky to retrieve as security was around. I was the first one on the new log.

We watched a horrible Phillies loss, 6-1. Millwood did not pitch well—he could not hit his slider for a strike, so the Braves waited on the fastball. I’ll try to post my scorecard from the game.

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