1st Annual Devil of a Summer Picnic

03-06-21 GCG3Q5

39.8801 -74.5333

When we arrived at the picnic, SunCrush, TraumaJunkie, ScopeDoc, his son, and StayFloopy were all sitting around talking. It was good to finally meet Trauma Junkie. I spend so many nights with his wife, you would think we would have met by now (in IRC)! SC & TJ threw a terrific event! They worked their magic on the weather gods so I only got wet—there were no skeeters at all today. The food was awesome. And the fellowship was keen. It is so good to meet new and and re-acquaint with known cachers. I finally met MiL! I had a wonderful day. Thank you SunCrush and Trauma Junkie!


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