Herring Point

03-06-28 GCFC50

38.760483 -75.0932

Ski did not tell the whole story of this adventure.

The flies had me doubting whether or not I wanted to continue. They were that bad! I would guess that during the entire time, the two of us killed several hundred of these things. That and the number of ticks I removed made this a cache to remember.

Then there were all the other routes we attempted so we didn’t have to bushwhack our way out there. What may have been a lovely walk at some point, has turned into a cache from hell. The growth in this area is unbelievable. My legs are cut up and sore.

So, after trying every conceivable approach only to strike out, we forged ahead through the briars, the reeds (twice), over hill, etc. There it was! After all the exertions, we finally made it!

I cannot recall a more difficult cache to hike to. It’s amazing what success will do for the spirit. On the way back, those pesky flies didn’t seem so bad after all. The hike and the distance were just fine. And the warm water that Ski dug out of his stuff for me was the most appreciated drink I have had in some time!

Thanks for the thrill.

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