Colliers Mills – I hate Tom cache!

03-06-30 GC43B0

40.062233 -74.437317

KenDawg and I parked at the suggested area. We walked in. It was very quiet and pretty. We found the right way in, walked through some sticker bushes and came to the area of the cache. After a bit, we spotted the cache. The lid was off. As expected, the cache was soaked. So much so there was no way to sign the log. We contemplated what to do. We decided it was best to take the cache. The lid is cracked and would not stay on the jar as the thread seemed to be shredded. Nothing in the cache was salvageable. Should you need pictures, Tom, please let me know and I will send you some.

FWIW, I need to ask: How much mustard do you consume. I figure I have found at least 10 of these jars (frankly, I think it is far more than that). At nine ounces each, that is 90 ounces in 18-months. I have not consumed that much mustard in 18 years. Is it part of a special diet? 😉

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