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03-06-30 GC39B8

40.12845 -74.42335

KenDawg and I hooked up for a day of caching. He was willing to drive me to a couple caches I would have had trouble getting to. My job? Navigation. I need to go back to school.

When we first met up in the morning, I realized I hadn’t loaded any coords into the GPSr. That was going to be a problem. We came up with the names of the three Colliers Mills caches (two of them begin with CM, so they were easy to find on the PDA). After we finished them, we knew there were some in Jackson/Great Adventure. Only one cache began with either name. Hmmm . . . What to do?

Well, we decided to hit the library and go online. That is where we lost all sorts of time. First we asked someone as we left Colliers Mills where there was a library. After those directions failed, we stopped in Upper Freehold. They sent us to Allentown. We couldn’t get the computer at that library to work. The librarian came over to help us. Then she informed us they were upgrading the connections today and all was shut off. She sent us to the Washington Twp. library. There we were able to get online and note the caches we needed to hit now 10+ miles away. Lo and behold, this one was one of them.

Back we went. We found Reed Rd.and traveled down it. All of a sudden Ken spotted some animals. Sure enough, the Great Adventure Safari was right out our windows! We saw many antelope/caribou, steer, giraffes, an ostrich, and some others. By far this was the best approach to a cache ever. Absolutely wonderful! Oh yeah, we found the cache too! 😉 This turned out to be #400.



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