South Jersey “easyfind #2”

39.367767 -74.9991

This geocache is now archived.

Very easy to find. Walking distance about 300 feet.

The container is a plastic 2-quart screw on lid jar

See attached photo for cache contents.

If you happen to have a silica gell container please place it in the cache to help keep out the moisture.

Thank you.

Vs lbh pna’g svaq gur pnpur znxr fher lbh unir svfuvat trne jvgu lbh naq rawbl gur qnl naljnl. Tbbq Yhpx rvgure jnl.

I didn’t hide this cache, but rather adopted it. Interestingly, this was the first cache hunt we ever went on. It was not our first find. 🙁 We couldn’t find the correct road through the industrial park. We eventually did later and crossed the active trestle bridge to find the cache.

It wasn’t until I hid Menantico that I realized the “proper” approach was through Menantico Ponds. D’oh!

I always loathed abandoned caches. This was one such one. Because of the connection to my history, I was willing to adopt it. There was nothing special about the cache: just a big plastic container. It was hidden under the concrete bunker thingy there by the railroad tracks.

The date here reflects when I adopted the cache.

Also blogged on this date . . .

One thought on “South Jersey “easyfind #2””

  1. At the time of the adoption, I was very much into the history of South Jersey geocaching. This cache was the oldest active cache in Cumberland County, which also helped with the reason why I wanted to adopt it.

    There was no great loss to the geocaching community by archiving this one.

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