Trick Shots

I was going to go caching today. 5:30 AM came and I just rolled over. I think I needed the rest. So, instead of tromping around the Pines, I am comfortable in my chair watching trick shot billiards.

Our US Congressman, a good Republican, announced last week that he would not honor his self-imposed term-limit that he took when he was elected in 1994 should he be re-elected next term. It is disappointing that he doesn’t keep his word. More frustrating is Francis Sparagna. Francis wrote a letter to the editor stating the reasons why it is okay for LoBiondo to go back on his word. Among them is that Democrats have picked up seats where Republicans have kept the term-limit pledge. So? If the Republican had done a good job, or the local party was strong, that would not be an issue. He also states that we would lose good Republicans if they retire. Well, we are keeping less than honorable men if they stay. Grrrr . . . changed the profile page to more fully display a user’s stats. Unfortunately, totals are clearly absent. I understand the complexity of that issue, but it is time for a decision on this. Frankly, caches found should include traditional caches, multis, unknown (mystery), and letterbox hybrids only. Should there be a campaign for webcams and events, so be it. It is time for locationless to be ridded from cache totals. These are not caches. It is unfair to those of us who do not seek them to have them counted equally with the real caches we do find. My, how would the leader boards change!

I return to Toastmasters this evening. It’s been six months. Time to get my ducks in a row. I need to start clearing my tasks.

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  1. Hmmm . . . I returned to Toastmasters after six months. I wonder if I actually went. It does indicate I paid, which matches my profile.

    It’s all fuzzy and this straddles the time between when TI began electronic files and when it didn’t. It also straddles the time of when I joined, moved to Speak E-Z, and then left.

    So, it looks like I joined in early 2002 in Vineland. That would make sense since I delivered my geocaching speech after it was published in December 2001 in the Daily Journal (I think).

    I left VAT in the fall 2002. I delivered my seeds speech at Speak E-Z I thought in December 2002, but maybe it was January 2003.

    TI has me down as VPPR from 1 January to 30 June 2003 in VAT. That makes sense in that I probably paid for a year’s membership before I left. I had been elected VPPR. Lord only knows when that club actually folded.

    Interesting . . .

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