“Somewhere, over the…”

39.49425 -75.121133

I drove down the road past my friend’s house.  I got to the end and debated whether I was going in.  It is not clear where the public land is right there.  After mulling it over, I headed in.  As I approached, I saw someone.  As I approached I found C.C.Cachers already at the site.  They had just gotten there.  Within a minute they had unearthed the cache.  It was nice talking with these two nice people.



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One thought on ““Somewhere, over the…””

  1. This cache was on private land and was archived shortly thereafter.

    Interestingly, Cheryl modified her log for this cache almost a year later. I am sure it has everything to do with my log on her cache just three days earlier. She edited out the part where she beat me to the FTF. Sheesh . . .

    This cache was also when Rob first took offense to me. I had described the fact that someone had hidden a cache on private property, referenced my nearby cache, but hadn’t even sought it. As I explained to him in a PM, no one would have known it was him or the caches in question if he hadn’t told the world. He never responded to that.

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