Melvin’s Multiple Madness

03-10-04 GC39A3

40.44725 -74.2752

This was the main feature of the day. My my, what a fine cache this was. I met up with Ski, Mopar, Ekitt10, and Quoddy to take this one on. We got to the crossing and pondered for some time as to how to do this. We saw Marty watching us from the hill. We walked back and forth. As we were still discussing it, Quoddy took the lead and started across. Soon the rest of us followed. All was going well until I needed to get up on the opposite bank. The beer belly moaned and I pawed my way up. Poor Mopar got all my backlash! Once up, it was short work to get to where we needed to go and Quoddy soon found the cache.

Back across the creek we had to go. This pretty much wiped us all out. Again, crossing was not too bad, but I could not find a way up. Thankfully Ski leant me a hand or I would still be out there. Stage two was found and then we were off to three. After getting the compass directions, we descended upon the cache. What an accomplishment!

What a cache, Marty! I truly appreciate all the hard work that went into this one. It was the perfect day for caching with a great group of people. It was nice meeting up with Marty afterwards. And how I enjoyed White Castle! Took a marble (which I will cherish) and left the Piney Adventures Travel Bug.

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