The Maryland Geocaching Society November Picnic

The Maryland Geocaching Society November Picnic Geocache

40.072183 -76.8964

Whether I was going to this event was in doubt until 10:00 PM the evening before. Ski and I went back and forth and finally got the particulars worked out. He picked me up at 5:00 AM. Surprisingly, I held up well with my lack of sleep. 😉

We got to the park early prior to the festivities. What an enjoyable event this turned out to be. I met many cachers. There was a load of food. My good buddy Moose manned the grill and the dogs I had hit the spot. And the caches were enjoyable. The afternoon was spent caching with Ski, Lep, SBUX, Indy-Md, crashmore, spitwinkle, EagleEyes, and Siegfried & Francesca. What fun!

Lynn, thank you ever so much for hosting us. Today was an ideal caching day.


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