Find the Solitude

39.679883 -74.552917

This geocache is now archived.

Take in the solitude of this area. I’ve been here several times and I am taken by how quiet it is. I have spotted many deer in these parts. I suppose there are several approaches. Remember I place caches from a compact passenger car, so the road in, at least the one I take, is not too bad. Coming from the other side is usually not bad either. But just where to park? For me, I took a fire break, but who knows where you’ll decide to go.

This cache is a stage in the Christmas 2003 multi-cache.

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One thought on “Find the Solitude”

  1. Just an ammo box a little more than a half mile from the road unless one is up for a big bushwhack.

    It was peaceful here. Nothing special, but enjoyable.

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