It’s Elmer Fudd Season

03-11-30 FRO19

39.593267 -75.161233

This geocache is now archived.

Hidden along Rt. 40. I know throughout my caching journeys, each time I drove by here, I kept reminding myself I need to explore the area for it looked like a good place for a cache. Well, I finally did.

The road in is muddy and full of water. A car will probably need to park at the pavilion. Anything more rugged than my cachemobile can drive further (I think you get about .10 miles closer). The parking area will not look remarkable. Feel free to have a trash bag on hand to trash out. In the early morning, the view of the lake is pretty. Take it in.

Then prepare for your trek. During hunting season you are cautioned to be careful. This is an active area. Either wait for Sunday or don your blaze orange and keep to the trail and assume all responsibility.

The trail is washed out in a few places, but if you look, you will be able to negotiate around to pick it up again.

This cache is a stage in the Christmas 2003 multi-cache.

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