Merry Christmas

Coordinates Hidden

This geocache is now archived.

You need to find three other caches:

On the inside cover of the logbook of each of the caches is a character or a number. You need to record these.

and five geo-hitchhikers:

  • Fro’s Impala
  • Fro’s Ford
  • Hooligan
  • Flying Aces
  • Wave Hog

Each geo-hitchhiker has a tag indicating it needs to remain in caches below I-195 in South Jersey. Also on the tag are two things you need to record: a tag number for you to log the hitchhiker and the Christmas 2003 code (either a character or a number).

to receive the coordinates to this cache.

Once you have found those items, arrange the the characters and numbers you found in the following order:
___ Fro’s Impala
___ It’s Wave Hog
___ Fro’s Ford
___ Hooligan
___ Flying Aces
___ Find the Solitude
___ Down South Jukin’
___ It’s Elmer Fudd Season

Send an e-mail message to:
__ __ __ __ __ __ __

You will receive an e-mail immediately back with the coordinates to the cache.

Well, you are nearing your present. You have done well by finding the three caches the elves hid for you and tracking down the five geo-hitchhikers. There is one last hurdle for you.

Santa is most likely blitzed after yet another day of public relations. Passed out somewhere in the back of a hotel lounge in Topeka, the fat man won’t be able to keep an eye on you this evening. Yes, evening.

Get out your night gear folks for Fred the elf has gotten out his step ladder and marked a trail for you to follow to the cache. Please be cautious for what good is a present if you are injured getting it. If you let me know when you will be attempting this, I will try to meet you out there.

Have fun!

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One thought on “Merry Christmas”

  1. This was my first private label cache. I had just started this site and hid this.

    The idea is that there was an ammo box hidden at Parvin (it later was to be Sleuth and then became ” ooops, Parvin Me ! “). It was a night cache. In order to get the coordinates, one had to find three other caches and five hitchhikers I had hidden.

    In the ammo box were wrapped Christmas presents for my caching friends.

    Sadly, only one of them decided it was worth completing. This is when I confirmed smileys were worth more than the caching experience. 🙁

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