03-12-20 GC3672

40.15315 -76.717167

Ski and I began our day early . . . I was up at 2:30 AM . . . He picked me up at 3:30 or so. It was a fairly straightforward drive out. We got to this site right away. The view of TMI’s cooling towers in the dark is excellent. It is amazing how close to the mainland the island actually is.

We went off to look for Lynn and the rest of the caravan a short ways away. With it being a residential street and all of us turning around before the sun rose, Ski and I headed back here to wait for everyone. Soon after KC5DRI / N3YRG and kids arrived on the scene. With a chill to the air as the sun came up, we found the required equipment and began this cache-a-thon.

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